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I was so lost in the world of procrastination, which I myself procrastinated while creating this post for you. There are many reasons for Procrastination. Overwhelming, fatigue, stress and the resulting reluctance to complete tasks directly are not uncommon today and happen to everyone. In our fast-moving, digitized and dynamic world, we are dealing with sensory overload: crowds of people, screens, images, information, and much more. 

Among the things every traveler has in common I would say the number one is the stories of missed opportunities and wasted time because they were waiting on others. Hence why in the Hospitality industry, an impeccable timing makes all guests very happy. It makes them feel valued right from the moment they arrive. Many say that there is a 2-minute rule which will help one avoid the act of delay. 

As a hotelier, I’ve seen the effects of procrastination firsthand. I’ve seen guests arriving at the hotel to find their rooms not ready, or that the pool is closed because it hasn’t been cleaned. I’ve also seen employees get stressed out and make mistakes because they’re trying to do too much at the last minute. Procrastination can have a negative impact on both guests and employees, and it’s something that I try to avoid at all costs

It refers that if you can do an action in two minutes or less, tackle it at the moment — and don’t delay you can get rid of procrastination. 

SO let me challenge you today to the 2 minutes rule……..


Lwam Brehane
Sales Executive

Best Western Plus Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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