Ethiopia: The Hamar Tribe

Ethiopia is one of the tourism destinations of culture and historical heritages and one of them is the Hamar tribe.

The Hamar Tribe

Hamar is one of the tribes in south west Ethiopia. The hamar people live in the southern omo zone or omo vally, near the Kenyan boarder. The place has a beautiful weather with a little bit hot climatic condition.

The Hamar tribe – Bull jumping ceremony

The Hamar people share traditions and rituals with surrounding people like tasamai, aari, banna and bashada. One of those traditions is the so called ‘jumping over the bull’ where a young man who wants to marry a girl of his choice jumps over the bulls picked by the girls family.

The tradition of Dyeing hair with clay

The other tradition the hammer women use is red clay mixed with butter to dye and dress their hair. The clay is extracted from a few places in the lower omo valley.

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