Meet Our New International Executive Chef

If you know the Best Western Plus Addis Ababa Hotel, you know that we are all about bringing genuine service with fresh ingredients, passionately inspired dishes, and a love to do things a little bit differently to give guests an experience that is unique.

We always strive to deliver exceptional service and products to our esteemed guests while still keeping the core values of what Best Western group has always stood for.

And that’s why we are delighted to introduce our new Executive Chef Deepak Kashyap at Best Western plus Addis Ababa Hotel.

After honing his culinary skills in India, Kenya and Uganda over the last few years, Chef Deepak has come to Ethiopia to share his exquisite international dishes. Combining his local knowledge on Indian dishes and with extensive experience on different international foods, he will bring exciting new changes to our a ’la carte menu at our Restaurants.

We are very excited about the future of our hotel, as we continue to push forward in creating and inspiring new dishes, sourcing out more local product, and most of all continuing to find people like Chef Deepak who believe so strongly in our core values.

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