gelato ice cream in addis ababa served at best western plus

Ice cream in Addis: 9 quick facts about Italian Gelato!

Gelato ice cream in Addis Ababa is quickly becoming a favorite dessert in the city. Both Ethiopians and Foreigners, young and old, enjoy this cold treat. But what exactly is gelato? Is it the same as ice cream? Become a … Read More

The 11 Best Hotels in Ethiopia

The best hotels in Ethiopia— where are they? Here’s everything you need to know… While Ethiopia may be the cradle of mankind, the start of the hotel industry hasn’t even peaked in this ancient country. As more and more travelers … Read More

hungry kids in addis

Giving 1500 Meals to Hungry Children in Addis: How to Get Involved

On October 15, we loaded our van with 150 kilos of wheat, 60 liters of oil, and 75 kilos of pasta. The pasta alone will provide almost 1500 total meals for hungry children. And that was our goal. To feed … Read More